Badminton courts

Quality certificate
Badminton courts are made from materials approved by the Badminton World Federation.
Created to use in sports halls, the surface of our courts is perfect for almost every sport discipline there is. In basic form our courts are mobile, but permanent installation is also possible.
Sportimpex is a court manufacturer for VICTOR.
Reduces sound transmission, brings optimal rebound and shock absorption, increases fatigue resistance and impact control. The surface is resistant to dust and skid marks.
Exceptional indentation resistance and recovery of the surface guarantees high durability of table tennis courts. The material retains its parameters for long years to come.
Slip resistance and high shock absorption provides great comfort and improves performance. Court boundary lines are much more visible, not obstructed by multiple, overlapping lines for other sport disciplines.
The courts need only to be regularly swept and washed with water once a week. Upon request we provide the client with a maintenance manual and a list of recommended detergents. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS NOT RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER!
Court Tools
A variety of special tools for transporting and installing the court makes it very easy for two people to do it in a couple of minutes.
It's much easier to store a court when it's in two pieces.A small storeroom of 3,5 meters long is enough to fit the entire court.

Advantages of two-piece construction court

Easy installation
With the help of our special court tools, it's possible for just two people to assemble the court.
Easy storage
When the court is two pieces a much smaller storage area is needed.

3 year warranty*


- mechanical damages (i.e. scratches)

- damages caused by using courts for purposes other than recommended 

- damages caused by incorrect storage